Essential Skills

Regardless of which area of the service sector you are interested in working in hospitality, call centres, retail or security there are certain skills common and to all. Customer Care, Communication and Personal effectiveness. In fact these skills are so highly regarded in the service industry they are called transversal skills. This means a person with excellence in these skills has the ability to move between sectors, often with minimal additional upskilling.

Bespoke Real World Training

Formed in 2006 ICSE provide bespoke training and work placements for entry level candidates to the service sector. ICSE provide training that has been designed in conjunction with industry leaders in each sector.

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Our programs provide candidates with the exact skills required so we can funnel our graduates directly into each sector of the industry, with many past students walking straight into full time employment.


If you are interested in a part or full time career in the service industry in hospitality, security, call centers or retail call us, we will always be happy to take the time to bring you through your options and hopefully assist you in developing your skills and securing the full or part time work you require.